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Anfänger: 20.00 – 21.30 Uhr

Zarina Stahnke grew up in Northern Virginia, USA and began her dance training at Arlington Center for Dance, now BalletNova Center for Dance. She then attended the School of American Ballet for four years in New York City while also studying painting, sculpture and drawing. In 2011 she joined the Semperoper Ballett in Dresden, Germany where she is currently a second soloist.
 She is a current second year master student in the MA Dance Teacher program at the Palucca University in Dresden.

Philosophie/Teaching Philosophy
Joy of movement and music is the guiding spark for my continued involvement in dance as an art-form. I aim to provide a space balanced between focus and play in my ballet classes, using the structured technique, framework, and discipline of ballet to allow my students (regardless of their background or experience level) to discover and experience a new enjoyment of their bodies.

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Zarina Stahnke

Halbsolistin Semperoper Ballett
Mitglied Örtlichen Personalrat Semperoper Dresden
Obfrau GDBA Lokalverband SST
Semperoper Ballettvorstand

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